Detox Box

Detox box

Relax as you sweat the toxins out of your body in our far-infrared sauna. The Far-Infrared sauna's gentle warmth facilitates tissue repair, body detoxification and provides a variety of healing responses in a comfortable and relaxing enviroment.

This safe and effective treatment maximizes the body's sweat response, producing 2-3 times more sweat than a regular sauna and burns up to 600 calories during a single half-hour session. It assists in weight loss and improves the tone, texture and colour of the skin. Perspiration allows for deep cleansing, eliminating impurities and removal of dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling soft and glowing.

Benefits of the Far-Infrared Sauna include: burns calories, reduces weight, reduces stress and fatigue, improves skin tone, elasticity and texture, helps eliminate cellulite and detoxifies the body. A session in a Far-Infrared sauna will leave you with a profound feeling of relaxation and calm. Kick back at the end of the day in a soothing warm quiet space. Bring a friend with you or enjoy on your own.


Thanks again for doing my spray tan. Thailand was fabulous and I certainly walked around the pool with more confidence.

Funny, my husband was picking out all the people that had fake tans (obviously self done due to their orange feet) but he was genuinely impressed with my tan. Maybe you’ll see us both next time. Thank you again, I am very happy to recommend you to friends.

- Lynda C

"I am loving how golden brown I came out looking and how everyone has commented." "Makes me feel so confident and healthy." Thanks Stacey.. I will never go to a solarium again..

- Lorrina