Auto Booth

Auto Booth

The best spray tanning booth ever made is here in Canberra at Malibu Spray! Forget all you know about automatic tanning booths in Australia. In the past we have too been disappointed with other tanning booths, leaving the salon looking streaky, un-even, orange and not to mention feeling claustrophobic while we were stuck in the booth!

We came across a new Auto Booth and had our doubts as we've been stung before with auto tanning booths. After using this Auto Booth we realized why it is like no other booth available and why we had to get the word out as we know you will love it just as much as we do!

The results are always perfect, very even, convenient and quick. Its super simple to use and you will be completely directed through it. Even if you forget once you’re in there, this Auto Booth will talk to you to remind you of what to do. Better yet we can customize it to spray you with your favourite colour and depth that you would usually receive at Malibu Spray by a hand held application.

No need to stand naked in front of a therapist to get that flawless tan and this Auto Booth takes a fraction of the time that a hand-held system would take. You will leave the Auto Booth disappointed that it only took a minute and you will be hanging out for your next session.  Try it-you will love it!

This Auto Booth is used by hundreds of celebs and models throughout Australia, be confident knowing that at Malibu Spray your receiving the best products, advice, service and the best equipment available to keep you looking and feeling great every time.


Full Body $40
Legs only $20


Ashley J
I have been going to Malibu Spray for over 3 years and after trying several Spray tans in Canberra I can say with confidence that I could never see myself going anywhere else! Whether I'm going for my weekly tan or a special event everyone always comments on my natural glow!
Malibu Spray are friendly and professional and I wouldn't recommend anywhere else!"

- Ashleigh J

I regularly visit Malibu Spray Tanning, especially when I have an up-coming photoshoot or competition. My spray tan always turns out flawless, natural looking and dries quickly. The service is professional and the late opening hours are very convenient! Jenelle xo

- Jenelle S

I always love how professional you do my tans and other salons just don't compare!

- Tammy C

Ashley J

- Canberra Raiderette’s – sponsored by Malibu Spray